Patient Feedback

Sister Jaya
Worked at Belle Vue Clinic

\\\\\\\"Working as in-charge nurse had become so painful till I saw some operated cases by Dr Kumar and their results at our hospital. I decided to go for Knee Arthrplasty(replacement). Am happy that within a month I joined back my work with confidence

Mrs rina das

Mrs Rina Das (Tollygung, Kolkata, operated at hospital in Park Circus by Dr Santosh Kumar)

A middle class housewife, was extremely unhappy not being able to take care of the family, says, “thanks to dr santosh kumar who replaced both my knees in the same sitting. Its a dream come true to be able to take care of the family again.”

Mrs smriti rekha choudhary

MRS SMRITI REKHA CHOUDHARY (behrampore, operated at charnock hospital by dr santosh kumar)

Mrs. Smriti says - As a retired nurse, I understood very well that my knees had to be replaced but I had several doubts which were addressed by dr kumar and I decided to go for it. Both my knees were replaced at the same sitting and I found myself walking with a crutch on the third day, I could use stairs by the sixth day. Presently, I am able to do my routine day to day activities go to market, go for walks and o out station freely.

Mrs Jharna Bhatacharyya

Mrs Jharna Bhatacharyya, Nager Bazaar, Kolkata,(operated at North City Hospital by Dr. Santosh kumar)

Was operated for bilateral ( both sides) knee replacement in single sitting by dr Santosh kumar at a hospital near bidhan nagar. We are happy with the decision.

Mr subir sengupta

MR SUBIR SENGUPTA (nager bazaar, Kolkata, operated by dr santosh kumar at daffodil hospital)

Extremely good decision, the entire team of dr Santosh kumar behaved as family members, it feels good to be able to enjoy life again.....the quality of work they have done, is surprisingly good and i could afford my surgery being a middle class person.

Mr Krishna Samanta

MR SUBIR SENGUPTA (East Mednipur, West Bengal, operated by Dr. Santosh Kumar at ATA Hospital, Teghoria)

Villager from east mednipur, runs a shop there, son employed as engineer with a reputed firm in kolkata, operated by dr santosh kumar at a hospital in teghoria, rajarhat , in two different sittings. Had read about dr kumar in a bengali news paper. Feels like living again.

Mrs Pratima Mondal

Mrs Pratima Mondal (Airport, Kolkata, operated by Dr. Santosh Kumar at ATA Hospital, Teghoria)

Mrs pratima mondal, lives near the kokata air port, operated at a hospital in Lake Town. Two knees replaced at a interval of one and half months. I had gone to Dr. Santosh Kumar after one of his patients referred me to him. The momentum in my life is back after operation.

Mrs Prabhavati Das

Mrs Prabhavati Das (Sonarpur, Kolkata, operated by Dr. Santosh Kumar)

Thank you my son for giving me another life. I am now independentcan and now I can sleep in peace.

Mr Sib Charan Mukherjee

Mr Sib Charan Mukherjee, Durgapur, operated by Dr. Santosh Kumar

My father in law is fine. He is Walking down the street with big smiles on his face. Everything is possible just because of you.I really feel glad to meet and know sutch a great doctor lick you.Who is not only a good doctor,but also a great person.

I want to thanks you once more for givinglife to my dads old limbs. From the core of my heart I want you to progress and lead a prosperous and happy life.

Yours faithfully,
Tapas kumar bandyopadhyay
LR/ 153 ABL Town Ship,

Mr Das
Ulta Danga, Kolkata

Operated for Rheumatoid Arthritis of knee. Total knee replacement done in may 2012. Retired but socially very active, was crippled and home bound, till he started moving out after knee replacement. He says, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" it feels as if my age has reduced by 20 years\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".
Mrs Prabha More
Beliaghata, Kolkata

Had never imagined will be able to go to shopping and walk again till both my knees were replaced by Dr Santosh Kumar.