Dr. Santosh Kumar, MBBS, D Orth, Mch Orth

Dr santosh kumar and his team are a leading joint replacement and spine  specialist in Kolkata.  He is one of the best doctors in knee replacement today. Knee replacements are routine in Kolkata (Calcutta) today and dr santosh kumar has been instrumental in making international quality knee surgery affordable to the mass.

our philosophy is never stop moving in life.

we are one of the fastest on the operation table, we finish our knee replacements skin to skin within an hour.

this speed with very high accuracy ensures us that we have not encountered infection till now.

we have been using disposable gowns and drapes and all our instruments used are used only in knee replacement surgery and no where else.

we routinely operate in the laminar air flow theatres and routinely use disposable pulse lavage systems with around ten to twelve litres of saline.


dr santosh kumar is also a leading spine surgeon. he and his team has been wrking a lot on the spinal injuries, paraplegia rehabilitation, and degenerative spine problems. 



We routinely audit our surgical results using the knee society scores.

Our highest score was ninety six and the lowest score was eighty two, all in the excellent range.

High tibial osteotomy

High tibial osteotomy is done in early to moderate stage of the knee arthritis. This is a process where in the axis of the knee joint is corrected.

The underlying priniciple is that in osteoarthritis one compartment of the knee carries more weight than the other compartment, mostly its the inner half that caries more weigh han the outer half and this uneven distribution of weight causes pain, mainly in the inner half.

In the surgery of high tibial osteotomy, the axis is corrected by creating a cleavage in the upper part of tibia and putting a plate to unite it.

Age: physiologic age < 60 yrs in an athlete, laborer, or anyone who needs to knee down such as for gardening (remember that a total knee replacemet will generally not allow the patient to kneel);

Angular Deformity:

  • less than 15 deg of fixed varus deformity (often patients will have varus laxity);
  • no more than 15 degrees flexion contracture

valgus deformities:

  • valgus of upto 12 deg can be corrected by tibial osteotomy;